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English_A-chi Today 게시판의 작성자 최인락씨가 2024.05.07에 등록한 Korea Maritime & Ocean University and Dongil Industries Co., Ltd. Sign Agreement to Nurture and Support Expats의 상세페이지입니다.
Korea Maritime & Ocean University and Dongil Industries Co., Ltd. Sign Agreement to Nurture and Support Expats
Writer PR Team Date 2024.05.07

Korea Maritime & Ocean University and Dongil Industries Co., Ltd. Sign Agreement to Nurture and Support Expats



The Korea Maritime & Ocean University (KMOU), represented by President Dong-geun Ryu, signed a business agreement with Dongil Industries Corporation, represented by CEO Sang-nyeon Kim, to cultivate an overseas workforce. In particular, this agreement will help improve the productivity of domestic companies by establishing and operating an advanced human resource development system for employees from around the world.


The KMOU held an agreement signing ceremony with Dongil Industries at the university headquarters on the 26th. The ceremony was attended by key officials from both parties, including Dong-geun Ryu, president of KMOU, and Jong-ik Kim, vice chairman of Dongil Industries.


On this day, the KMOU and Dongil Industries agreed to jointly operate an industry-academe cooperation model, such as through the advanced human resource development system, to cultivate specialized talent and manage human resources through training at the Sri Lankan branch. They also agreed to operate customized learning platforms in developing countries to promote national interests.


Furthermore, in accordance with the agreement, the KMOU will develop and provide support toward educational programs. The university will cooperate in the establishment of a theoretical and practical ability verification system and support the operation of matching programs. The KMOU will also help create a domestic environment necessary for the procurement of the finest overseas talent.


In turn, Dongil Industries will establish and operate “Korea Centers” overseas and select local partner organizations to develop courses. In addition, it will strive to develop and operate educational programs on the Korean language, Korean culture, and character development; develop and operate specialized programs for consumers of Busan and the Gyeongnam Marine Equipment Association; and work on risk management and agency cooperation for the operation of industry-academe partnership programs.


The KMOU and Dongil Industries have agreed to undertake efforts to improve the productivity of consumers through specialized education and training that is faithful to the basics, and to further create a foundation for securing high-quality talent by operating a sustainable and advanced global workforce bank.


Moving forward, the KMOU and Dongil Industries will continue to strive to promote Korea’s national interests and foster competitive talent based on a solid cooperation system.


“Securing the right talent for the right country and the right industry is more important than anything else, and building a system is the first step in doing so,” said Dong-geun Ryu, president of KMOU. “The Korea Maritime & Ocean University and Dongil Industries will continue to organically work together to demonstrate our international capabilities,” he added.